Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Moon People Fragments

This is the first blog entry in a series of posts that I will call "the Moon People Fragments". It is an introductory text which will help you understand the things that will appear under this title.

Not long ago I wrote this story inspired by a photo. It ended with a comment about the mysterious Moon People. A friend of mine - and award-winning director - Marita Lobler told me she liked it and asked for a continuation of the story. It is not the first occasion I'm asked about that, but for some reason the machinery got started this time.

I hardly think "the Moon People Fragments" will be the kind of continuation of the story she had in mind, but I am thrilled by this idea which she inspired me to. It will be so exciting to see what comes out of it.

As the title say, this will be fragments. Small glimpses serving a whole picture and its purpose. There will be diary notes, stories, journal entries, fairy tales and maybe one or two images from time to time. I will not publish these on a specific day or even regularly, but there will be a quick-link to them all to the right, and they will stand out in appearance, like this one.

This way I can tell a story without knowing more than the major strokes when I start and without starting on A and wimsically find my way to Z. I can start a major project without planning too much. This may sound less serious, but that is not my intention. This a very sober experiment. I tried to write a novel a long time ago this way. I think I was twenty years too young at the time, but the idea of telling a story this way lingered. This time, I believe I'm ready.